Carol of the Bells

Inspiration Comes In All Abilities

Carol of the Bells was the world's first feature film production, where a up to 70% of the crew had a developmental disability. Under the network and resources of Inclusion Films, this film was made within two weeks in Bakersfield, California.


Synopsis: A young father battles his past to find peace with his wife and son. Scott has always struggled with his secret adoption, and the life changing moment as a child at Christmas time. Now Scott has the answer to his greatest fear. Can he take the final step to bridge the truth about his first family and heal his wounds?



RJ Mitte

Andrea Fay Friedman

Donna Mills

Geri Jewell

Lee Purcell

Donna Pescow

Elijah Maximus

Yuly Mireles

Del Zamora


Directed by: Joey Travolta


Produced by: Dale J. Oprandy, Trevor Drinkwater, Chris Tisi, Nancy Batterman, and Will Sanford


Written by: JC Peterson


Edited by: Christopher Duguay


Composer: David Arkenstone


Director of Photography: Andrew Ryan


Production Designer: Jo O'Meara


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